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Safe, reliable local & interstate equine transport

30 Years Experience

Scone Equine Industry have 30 years experience in the equine transport industry.  Barry Hall and his team are experienced long term equine transport drivers and horse handlers.

Scone Equine Transport

Servicing all Areas

Scone Equine Transport service all areas of Australia including local and interstate.

Our prices are competitive so please contact us for a quote.

Safe & Reliable

We offer safe and reliable services for all breeds of horses. Our trucks are on airbags creating a better ride for your horse. We have safe & secure stables, yards and paddocks for over night stays.

Scone Equine Transport

Transport for any need

Magic Millions Sales, Inglis Sales, breeding mares, yearlings, general stud work, racing & trials for race horses. We also transport stud livestock including cattle, bulls,  goats, alpacas & rams.